CRO - Aviano National Cancer Institute (Italy)

CRO is a Comprehensive Cancer Centre. This status, informally attributed by the OECI, the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes, has now been confirmed. For acquiring the designation of CCC, the institutes must prove to have a strong innovative predisposition as well as a multidisciplinary approach to clinical activities, basic and translational research, and whether such activities are directed to professional education and to the improvement in building organizational capabilities for providing high quality cancer care, including cancer rehabilitation competences.


Dr. Giuseppe Toffoli
Via Franco Gallini 2
33081 Aviano, Pordenone

EPFL - École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)

Situated on the shores of Lac Léman and overlooking French Alps, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) is a research university that specialises in physical sciences and engineering. In the Supramolecular Nanomaterials and Interfaces  Laboratory led by Francesco Stellacci, we focus on the development of nanoparticles capable of selective drug metabolite binding. A precise understanding and control of the interactions involved will allow us to isolate and quantify drug metabolites rapidly and with lower cost.



Francesco Stellacci
MXG 030 (Bâtiment MXG)  
Station 12
CH-1015 Lausanne

ERS - European Research Services GmbH (Germany)

The European Research Services GmbH is a public-private-partnership that supports researchers in planning and managing EU-projects.

ERS provides technical and administrative support, adapting project-management to the size and complexity of each specific project. ERS helps to implement risk assessment, internal monitoring and common standard procedures, safeguarding outcomes within time, budget, and EU guidelines.


Oliver Panzer
Hildegard Luhmann

Mendelstr. 17
48147 Münster

IRCCS - Istituto Tumori “Giovanni Paolo II” (Italy)

The IRCCS Istituto Tumori di Bari is a public, juridical body of national relevance, confirmed by ministerial decree in February 2006, and specialising in Oncology. In 2010, the Institute applied as Centre of Excellence in Oncology, which was granted by the International Commission of the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) in October 2014.


Dr. Silke Krol
Viale Orazio Flacco 65
70124 Bari, Italien

Lionix - LIONIX (Netherlands)

LioniX is a leading provider in development and production of leveraging and innovative products based on micro/nano system technology (MNT) and MEMS. Our core technologies are integrated optics and microfluidics. The combination of these two and the related surface functionalisation in close collaboration with its sister comapnty Surfix gives LioniX an unrivalled expertise in the emerging area of Lab-on-a-Chip.


Dr. Rene G. Heideman

LioniX BV
PO Box 456
7500 AL Enschede 
The Netherlands


provenion - provenion gmbh (Germany)

provenion provides engineering services for most diverse remits. We analyse the tasks that have been assigned to us thoroughly, generate ideas, develop concepts and implement  them as unique system solutions. We always combine biotechnical know-how, mechanics, fluidics, electronics and software to find the best possible solution to our customers’ requirements.

Within the framework of the Diachemo project we support the development of the particular modules, so that they can be integrated accordingly. We define the respective specifications and requirements in close collaboration with all project partners. In addition, our task includes designing the electronic interfacing, the signal processing as well as the software control. We make sure that all parts fit together to integrate them in subsequent test samples. Using the feedback provided by our partners enables us to optimise these test samples in a way that the final prototypes can be built accordingly.


Wolfram Hellmich (Managing Director)
Torsten Meinecke (Project Leader)

provenion gmbh
Georg-Wimmer-Ring 25
85604 Zorneding

Phone:  +49-8106-92928-20
Fax: +49-8106-92928-55

UCL - University College London (United Kingdom)

University College London is a public multidisciplinary university with around 8000 staff and 25000 students.   UCL is a world class hub for natural sciences, engineering and biomedical research. In the period from 1998-2008, UCL was the most cited university in Europe (source: ISI Web of Knowledge). It is a member of three biomedical research centres of the National Health Service, as well as a founding body of the Francis Crick Institute, which is scheduled to open in 2015 to become the biggest centre for biomedical reseach in Europe. Furthermore UCL Partners is the largest academic health science centre in the world, with more than 1.5 million patients per year and a turnover of 2 billion GBP.


Dr. Stefan Guldin

University College London
Department of Chemical Engineering
WC1E 6BT London
United Kingdom



WWU - UKM (Germany)

The Experimental Paediatric Oncology/Clinical Pharmacology Working Group is integrated into the Department of Paediatric Haematology/Oncology and headed by Prof. Dr. J. Boos who in addition had founded and initially headed the ZKS. This group specifically focuses on pharmacology and therapeutic drug monitoring of cytostatic drugs. Within the German Society for Paediatric Oncology and Haematology (GPOH), the working group forms the reference centre for pharmacological and pharmacokinetic investigations.


Prof. Dr. Joachim Boos

Albert-Schweitzer-Campus 1
Gebäude A1
48149 Münster